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25 Reasons We Love Mary J. Blige

Without a doubt, Mary J. Blige is an icon. We’ve loved the Yonkers native ever since she stomped her way (with thigh-high combat boots) into our hearts with her hip-hop soul classic, “Real Love,” some 21 years ago. Her music has been the soundtrack that helped us grow from girls to women. As MJB readies for her 12th performance at the ESSENCE Festival, we could think of no better time to reveal the 25 reasons she rocks our world.

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  1. @essencefest: Thanks! RT @NikSnacks: @essencefest the social media coverage of the festival was amazing this year. The best yet.
  2. @essencefest: RT @femmenina10: Loved your performance at the @essencefest classy smooth and uplifting @TheRealTank
  3. @essencefest: RT @femmenina10: @DALEYmusic one of the best performances in the super lounges @essencefest
  4. @essencefest: RT @TheRealTank: Me and my STAR Megan Broadnax tore up the main stage at @EssenceFest! Take a behind the scenes peek?
  5. @essencefest: RT @anthonyanderson: #tbt had a blast on the @walmart #amazingstories panel @lazofficial @ludacris @malcolmdlee #EssenceFest
  6. @essencefest: Still in awe of the electric lady Janelle Monae at #EssenceFest
  7. @essencefest: RT @TheRealTank: We love you and we're proud of you @AngelEyez64 WE FOUND A STAR!! #stronger #youremystar
  8. @essencefest: RT @AtlanticRecords: Get the #BTS look at @TheRealTank & #YoureMyStarSearch winner Megan Broadnax (@AngelEyez64) at @EssenceFest! http://t.?

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